Laser Therapies


Why Laser Therapy? 

Pain relief—Laser treatments at Advanced Health of Oakbrook eases acute pain from injuries and chronic pain related to age and disease. Many people considering invasive surgery can avoid it with laser therapy. Lasers can treat arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, fibromyalgia, tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, neck pain, knee soreness, and more.
Healing—Treatments can reduce inflammation, relax muscle spasms, increase circulation, stimulate nerve regeneration, improve joint function, and speed wound recovery.
Fat reduction and improved skin quality—Lasers can be used to help scars fade, activate collagen production, and contour stubborn fat and cellulite in the belly, thighs, and buttocks.

How does it work?

Wavelengths of light, also known as photon energy, interact with damaged tissues at a deep level. The reactions this produces accelerate metabolism at the cellular level, which contributes to a breakdown of scar tissue, reduces pain, and activates healing.

What happens during a treatment?

A wand the size of a flashlight is applied for intervals usually lasting about 30 seconds. You may feel a sensation during the treatment, but there is no heat or discomfort.

When will I get results?

Most patients experience rapid relief after a single treatment. Depending on the type of pain, its location, the severity, and other factors, 10 or more sessions may be needed for optimal results.

How long will my results last?

Studies show that more than 70% of treated patients experience pain relief that lasts 6-10 weeks after their treatment ended. Some patients are permanently cured of their symptoms after a full course of treatments. Others may require ongoing maintenance or complementary therapies to achieve longer-lasting effects.

Is it safe—are there any side effects?

Thousands of clinical studies have proven the effectiveness and safety of laser therapy. It is not recommended for cancers, thyroid conditions, any ocular (eye) conditions, or pregnant women.

What treatment is right for me? 

Multiple Wavelength Laser—A range of light, specifically chosen to target each specific condition, causes a robust photochemical reaction without damaging any healthy tissue. This type of treatment targets individual acupuncture “trigger points” without using needles. This specific wavelength of light is absorbed at the desired depth below the skin to heal.
Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT)—This laser is well-suited for treating chronic pain felt throughout the body, such as that associated with fibromyalgia, because it mitigates the body’s reaction to cytokines (proteins secreted by damaged or infected cells to prompt unpleasant symptoms of the "immune response" like fever and inflammation). All 18 “tender points” [could this be a link to another page in the site?] are treated on each visit and the course of treatment is 12-18 sessions.
Infrared and LED Therapy—These therapies are clinically-proven to reverse symptoms that present closer to the skin’s surface, such as diabetic and non-diabetic neuropathy. Infrared and LED are also used to reduce acute and chronic pain, restore sensation in the feet and hands, and improve patients’ balance thereby decreasing the likelihood of falls.
Laser-LIPO— Instead of removing fat cells from the body surgically, this non-invasive body contouring treatment creates small holes in the fat cells, allowing them to shrink in place. The emulsified contents are processed by the body’s lymphatic system and then naturally dispelled from the body. Unlike liposuction, Laser-LIPO patients experience absolutely zero downtime—patients can return to their normal activities immediately after treatments.


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